Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Running Away To The Circus!!

We were hanging out with Mark and Deb yesterday and Deb reminded us that the Circus was at The Stockton Arena... well Aaron and I had never been and the girls were so excited when we asked if they wanted to go, we hopped online and bought the tickets.. $10 per child under 12 and only $17 for adults! We couldnt beat that price, so we went! It was so much fun and really if you've never been to the circus, you have to go at least once.. Aaron and I were totally impressed! The Elephants, the Tigers, the people acts, 7 motorcycles in a metal ball (this was Aarons favorite), the flying trapeze acts, the tightrope walkers, all of it.. totally amazing :) we had really good seats too! Where we were, you were able to see the entire event!  Check out the pics:

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