Saturday, September 18, 2010

2 new members of the Heffner Family!

So, Aaron and I thought it would be fun to take a trip to the Reptile Show in Sacramento... yeah I am so not a fan of Snakes and Lizards and Bugs, however I wasnt really expecting turtles or tortoises... of course the babies were just so darn cute we told the girls we'd think about getting a turtle. After  1 1/2 hours of walking around we went back to the turtle guy and decided we'd pick up a turtle.  Little did we know, we'd be purchasing 2. Also the guy failed to tell us that we had just purchased Sulcata Tortoises, who are the 3 largest tortoises in the world and can get up to 200+ lbs. Also, the live anywhere from 70 to 120+ years!  Here are some photos of the kids at the show, and of course our new little babies! (they are the same age as Jett, born only a week apart!)
Meet Rocky(left) & Chelle(right) .. named by the girls!

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