Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January 7th: Day 7

Wow.. so I'm all over posting this morning! I usually try to wait till the end of the day because I take photos throughout the entire day, then I go through and find the one I want to use for the blog post.. well today is an exception.. the minute what Im about to tell you happened.. I knew it was today's photo...
I was bathing the girls this morning, they bathe in our bathtub because its big and open and almost a "swimming pool" for them. Well, I lay out their clothes on our bedroom floor so after each girl, I can dry them and get them dressed all in one shot!, well today I forgot a diaper for kiki, so I had to run in her room and grab one... well I run back into the bathroom and I notice immediately the girls snickering... as I approach the tub, what do I find? Yup, they were giving our CAT a bath!! the funny thing is.. Charlie didnt even fight them, he was just sitting there soaked, letting the girls rub him and "bathe" him... well I ran again out to the hall to grab the camera, and sure enough charlie was out on the side of the tub by the time I got back in... so here are the picture of our now clean cat Charlie:

Happy Wednesday!


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  2. ROFL I can see my daughter doing the same thing!

  3. Cats are so amazing! If they love kids there isn't much they won't put up with from them. So glad you got those wet cat shots! Awesome and guite rare! lol

  4. LOL!!!! That is hilarious! You just made my day...great photo!

  5. OMG... that is funny (and a great shot)! What is even funnier is how FAST the girls were!! Good thing my dogs are almost bigger than the kids so no worries there.... only issue I have with the bath is Baby Shamu shows up and the bathroom turns into a SPLASH ZONE.

  6. I had a cat photo today too!!