Friday, August 22, 2008

New pictures of the girls & I've been tagged!

So.. I thought it was time for some updated pictures of the girls:
Tomorrow is Kaylie's birthday so I will post the pictures from the party tomorrow!

Okay so I've been tagged by Robyn!
I dont usually do these but one, once in a while cant hurt right?!

1-Aaron, Dakota and Kaylie
2-Being able to be home with my kids.
3-Scrapbooking and designing

1-Snakes.. dont like them, will never like them.. wont go near them.
2- the dark.. i know i know.. big baby, but yes.. i am afraid of the dark!
3-something happening to my husband or children.

1-Like Robyn said. Lose weight. I've lost 10lbs in 2 weeks. Aaron and I are on the Medifast Diet and sure enough its working! We also just bought me a new bike, so we go out every evening after dinner and ride with the girls around the neighborhood!
2-Teach my children and prepare them for life.
3-Be the best wife, mother and friend I can be.

3 Current Obsessions
1-Digital Scrapbooking- eat it, sleep it, wear it. I'm selling my designs at a wonderful shop and I'm totally addicted!
2-Doing my girls hair- i just love being able to braid and curl and straighten and play with their hair!
3- traveling. I love traveling. Just a few weekends ago, we got a babysitter and Aaron and I flew up to Susanville and visited his brother. What a nice trip.

3 Random Facts
1- I love to cook. Rachel Ray and Paula Deen are my FAVORITE!! I am a sucker for candles, and chocolate!
2- Fall is my favorite season. It's cool enough in the mornings to open up the house but warm enough to still not have to wear winter clothes.
3- I read the entire Twilight Series(4- 600 page books) by Stephenie Meyer in 3 days! Even the new book which I bought! I cant wait for the movie to come out!! November woohoo!

I TAG...
Steph, Sierra, Jessica

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