Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kaylie's 2nd Birthday!!

I am doing some catch up here... Kaylie turned 2 August 23rd. Here are the pictures from her "Princess Party".

That morning I blew up two bags of balloons: They loved them!

We did a Chocolate Fondue bar with yummy fruit, as well as chicken and veggie kabobs and of course chips and dip!

I asked Dakota what kind of cake we should get for kaylie and big sister said "a princess one".

She wasnt so sure about blowing out the candles but boy did she ever love to eat the cake!

Present Time!!

The afterparty: Man does she love her salsa!

Thanks to everyone who came and shared kaylies 2nd birthday with us.

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  1. Cute b-day cake. Looks like you had a fun party.

    P.S. Your kitchen is gorgeous! I'm jealous. ;)