Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The 1st Broken Bone in the Family!

Yup that is right, Little miss Kaylie broke her big toe on Friday! Can you believe they put her in cast? It goes all the way up to her knee. The poor girl! We have saddle style stools that fit under the ledge of our counter.. well she didnt pull the stool out far enough and slipped and the top heavy part of the stool, crashed down on her poor little toe and broke it right in 1/2 right in the middle. I dont have pictures yet, but will post them soon. The guy who did her cast made it into a "purple candycane" for her. She is walking around on it pretty good, but really who would have known our little kiki would be the first broken bone? Poor little one! the next 7 weeks are going to be crazy! Especially bath time! now THAT part is not fun.

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