Thursday, November 6, 2008

Take Shape For Life...

About 3 months ago.. Aaron and I started a weight-loss program introduced to us through a friend. At first I was very very skeptical because honestly, we had done Jenny Craig and that was a bust and expensive! We, started an exercise plan..well that just did not work... the weight just was NOT coming off. We decided that we would give this a try.. what is there to lose right? Money? Well, this is a lot cheaper than any of the other diets we had tried. So.. wanna see my results??
*You can also see them on the website here, along with a short bio of why i wanted to lose the weight. .*

This Photo Was Taken 8/12/08 and this photo was taken this morning 11/5/08

I am a Health Advisor for the company, and can coach you to losing weight, getting fit and maintaining a healthy life style. If you want further information all you have to do is leave me a message!

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  1. Perfect, it's amazing what you showed, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!