Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our July 4th!!

Hi everyone I hope you all had a safe, fun, happy 4th of July!

Last minute, we were invited to go on a friends houseboat up at Lake Shasta... we could not pass up the opportunity to get out of the heat and hang out with some really great friends, so off we went with Mark and Deb. A huge thank you to Ben and Kathy (Deb's sister) for letting us stay on their houseboat! We had a wonderful time and are really greatful for such a great weekend!

When we got there, the lake was soo low, you had to walk down this huge hill, put your stuff in this wheel burrow thing and wait for Ben and Kathy to come get us and put our stuff in the boat to take us back to the Houseboat. What a great time was had by all! The girls loved spending almost all day in the lake, it was in the mid 90's so it really wasnt all that cool, however the lake was just the right temp to cool us off. We got the opportunity to see the Colluson Water Tanker Plane.. what an amazing site... we took the boat out and was actually able to watch it skim the water, and then take off right above our heads..sooo totally cool!! check out the video!
It was dumping water on the "Motion Fire" we could see the fires smoke. Then, we got to see the deer, and ofc ourse the turtles and ducks.. no fish though.. thats a good thing because I probably wouldnt have gotten back in the water to swim ;).
On our way home, we actually saw a tornado..or a dust tunnel, or wind tunnel.. something like that.. check out the video!! we pulled off the side of the road and it went right through us!!

Here is the Video of the plane taking off the lake:

Here are the photos and video of the tornado!

Check out the video! It come RIGHT at us!!!

What a great trip. Thanks for looking!!

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  1. It looks like you all had a good time! I couldn't believe that twister...that's an amazing sight!