Monday, May 19, 2008

It's beginning to feel like summer!!

So, how is the weather where you are? We'd be really interested to know, seeing as here in Modesto, this year we have set some records and it's not even the middle of summer yet! It has been above 102 the last few days.. we set a record of 106, which on that day in 1998 when the old record was set it was a measly 86!!! a difference of 20 degrees! It's killing me!! But, the girls are loving every minute of being able to play in teh water! Here are a few pictures from the last week of them playing in the baby pool, and swimming at Mark and Debs. I threw in a few pictures of us visiting the duck pond in turlock and down at Castle Air Museum as well. Enjoy till next time :)


  1. Ah, the "duck park" in Turlock. It was one of our favorite places when we lived there. We miss it. Thanks for taking care of Scott last week.

  2. Jon told me it was in the 100s there. Its only 88 here but that hot for May in Utah. Have fun slashing around in the water. We're hopefully taking Connor for his first swim on Monday :)