Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Somethings New!!

I know I know.. It's been a while. BUT! We've been pretty busy! I am about to apply for my Large Daycare License! That is right! I hired an assistant and want to actually teach a "preschool" curriculum. We do the art projects and daily abc, number, color stuff, but I can actually get a "program" going! It will be a big change though!
Also! I have no started my own "digital scrapping blog". I have been designing templates that are used to make scrapping easy, and have finally started to publish them! Right now all templates are going to be free to download. Maybe down the road I will sell them in packaged downloads. We will see. You can check it out here:

The girls are doing great! Dakota LOVES her big girl bed. She makes us put a big blanket up over the top so it makes a "tent" for her. She is FULLY potty trained! We are so proud of her! At under 3 years old she even stays dry all night! She still has the occasional "accident" but we can expect that with a 2 year old! Kaylie is STILL teething! Yup! she has 4 molars coming in! But she is all talk and babbles and is practically running instead of walking!

Aaron is doing great! He has started his own little "side" business for companies and has set up a "document management/ backup service". I really think this is going to take off for him! Every company needs some type of "file backup" right?!

So that is it for now! I will post some recent pictures of the girls here in the next few days. Tonight it is off to Costco, for milk, eggs, apples and baby wipes! the daycare usual ;).

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